Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Adventure #10: Mangia

There once was a coupon that made us break the following rules:

No chains

Ok, so just one rule.

But at least it's a local chain.
And don't think this will be a repeat thing,
Mr Gattis
I'm looking at you over there in the corner being local-ish.

On the bottom there's crust.We got the wheat.It tasted... wheaty.
Then there's an ocean of cheese
with flotsam of toppings

Rescued a few to confirm their existence
(and deliciousness).

On top of that, like a forcefield,
is a layer of dough(can't quite call it crust)
that could be mistaken for cheese by the indiscriminate.
On top of that is the sauce
being its saucy self, tomatoey and good.

The whole thing was...

it did its job.
and might hit a certain spot
directly opposite to the spot that's hit when
the crust is thin and the sauce scarce.


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