Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adventure #70: Umami Mia

Umami Mia - yet another pizzeria in the 78704. Having revamped the spot where Romeo's used to sit on Barton Springs, they promise to serve up "umami bombs" of flavor. It sure looks good, doesn't it? (The light was just gorgeous in here.)

The "Here Piggy"

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adventure #69: Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria

I promise that will be my only reference to this being #69, but we were adventuring in my old pizza delivery area. I wish that I had nostalgic feelings about how awesome it was, but mostly I remember some assholes that lived in an apartment complex in my delivery area that ordered all the time and always pre-tipped (tipped online so that I knew what they were going to tip ahead of time) me a dollar on their $30 order (I won't get started on my issues with tipping, I'll leave it at the fact that it is a broken system).

Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria is definitely the best thing about the Avery Ranch area (I have complicated feelings about suburbia). In fact, if I were to list my top three things about Avery Ranch it would would be as follows:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adventure #68: Second

Second, exterior, afternoon

We made our way to one of our snazzy adventures tonight, to a place with $6 Fire Eagle (what?!) and chicken fried stuffed olives. That place was Second, an offshoot of Congress and Bar Congress (they share the same kitchen). So, for the second time in a row, Karin and her gentleman arrived before me, ordered an appetizer of chicken fried olives, and ate it, all before I arrived.

Now how was the pizza?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adventure #67: Bufalina

The adventure to Bufalina, which doesn't even have a sign on the door it is so new, began with Adam and I enjoying "Today's mozzarella", pictured above. That salad is everything that is right with the Austin pizza scene right now. It seems that recently the newest pizza places have paid a lot of attention to creating the perfect pizza experience. From Pieous with its paper plates, chalk on the walls, inspirational quotes, and the feeling of being with family, to Winflo Osteria with its focus on being an upscale, clean, and an Austin-style way to experience real Italian food. Bufalina falls between them: Cozy and minimal with picnic tables in the center, carafes of water, and the pizza oven jutting out into the dining area.