About Us

A few years ago Karin signed up for a dating site and was matched with Ian.  They didn't end up dating, but Karin mentioned that she had been wanting to go on an epic quest to try every pizzeria in Austin but that she didn't want to quest alone.  Ian volunteered to accompany her on the journey and they started adventuring.

That adventure lasted four years. Now, three years after that, Karin's adventuring again with Kevin. Karin and Kevin also met online (she seems to be pretty good at that), this time for a Saturday night tabletop RPG group. That was five years ago, the Saturday night group has disbanded, but they're still friends.

I have delivered pizza, worked at a pizzeria, made a few pizzas at home, blogged about pizza, and have a pizza tattoo. When I'm not thinking about my favorite food I read a lot of scifi (one day I'll have the follow-through to actually write some of my own) and play tabletop RPGs.


Currently fighting the urge to dodge self-consciousness by writing a joke biography, Kevin has graduated the University of with an Art History degree he plans to put to use just as soon as the world as a whole agrees with him that it should be. After college, Kevin drove stuff. This included, at various points, sandwiches, medical equipment and prescriptions, and, of course, pizza. He's moved onto the wonderful life of having a corporation ravage him in a cubicle, but hopes to obtain a law degree, so that he can move onto being ravaged by a firm in an office with a mahogany desk. Hobbies include tabletop games, and being actually kinda angry when people say their favorite Star Trek series is Voyager.

Kevin only has one tattoo, but it isn't related to pizza, and a court order prevents him from showing it.

Former Adventurers


Ian loves food, but don't call him a foodie because that sounds pretentious.  He would prefer the term "food fanboy".  He has been a fan of food for EVAR and couldn't be happier to share the knowledge of Austin pizza with the world.  When not eating or working he likes to drive around really fast in his convertible and pretend like he has some sort of kinship with other Miata owners (but at the same time is superior to them due to his Miata being turbocharged).