The Rules

When we first started doing this, we had strict, codified rules. We would take turns picking a place, we would take turns blogging, we would always order a specialty pizza.  After three years though, many of those things just happen and we don't have to think about it much. Rules became guidelines.

  • We love locally owned pizzerias. Homogenized chain pizza just doesn't hit the spot and doesn't contribute to the awesomeness of our city.
  • Specialty pizzas should be a showcase of what the pizzeria does best. These are the topping combinations that the owners/pizziolos recommend, and if they're not putting that much thought into them they are failing to provide a key component of the pizza experience.
  • A pizza should stand on its own. We know that everyone has different tastes, but the pizza should be at its maximum deliciousness without any help from condiments. If Parmesan, red pepper flakes, or (I shudder at the thought) ranch dressing are needed, they should be a balanced part of the pizza, planned for and integrated into the recipe.
 When we started Season 2 of our adventures, we decided to wipe the slate clean. Some of the places we went to aren't even in business anymore and there are tons of new pizzerias.

We also decided to lose the categories that we had placed pizzerias into, it's just so hard to judge based on one or two pizzas whether or not a pizza place is "good" or "bad". If, however, you disagree with our assessment of a pizza, let us know! What do you get when you go there? What pizza do you think they do well? What element of the pizza do you like?