Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adventure #69: Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria

I promise that will be my only reference to this being #69, but we were adventuring in my old pizza delivery area. I wish that I had nostalgic feelings about how awesome it was, but mostly I remember some assholes that lived in an apartment complex in my delivery area that ordered all the time and always pre-tipped (tipped online so that I knew what they were going to tip ahead of time) me a dollar on their $30 order (I won't get started on my issues with tipping, I'll leave it at the fact that it is a broken system).

Brooklyn Heights Pizzeria is definitely the best thing about the Avery Ranch area (I have complicated feelings about suburbia). In fact, if I were to list my top three things about Avery Ranch it would would be as follows:

#1: The marinated tomatoes on the "Mama Mia"

#2: The way that the fresh garlic, onions, and savory meatballs complimented the salty pepperoni

#3:  The great happy hour specials. Our bill for the huge pizza, an appetizer, and two beers was only $30, more than $20 of which was the pizza.

If you're in the area and hungry (and especially if it is happy hour), this is a good choice.


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