Friday, June 11, 2010

Adventure #11: Oasis Cafe and Pizza

Hidden in a strip mall in a suburbish area off of Wells Branch, the Oasis is somewhat aptly named - just like in the desert, you could easily miss this hidden pocket. Karin heard of this place from a friend at work who lives in the area; fittingly, it seems that we were the only people in the place who didn't jog in, come to get a pick-up order, or otherwise seem intimate with their neighborhood pie shop. With only two tables, it's certainly not a place to bring a group or a date - but could you impress your beau or lass with the grub?

(Speaking of dining in: there was a terrible thunderstorm while we were waiting on our pizza. . .pouring rain, threats of hail, loud thunder. . .and all of a sudden the POWER GOES OUT! Would this be the end of our pizza adventure? At least a minute or two went by in anticipation, and then everything returned to normal. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee you such an exciting experience each time.)

We started with our usual bread product - this time a flatbread, served with feta, onions, and tomatoes. Note the presentation - every order here is assumed to be to-go. We weren't quick enough on the uptake to realize this and tell them we were dining in. *d'oh!* Presentation or not, this was some delicious bread, with a nice array of toppings to compliment it. We had to make a serious effort to save room for the 'za:

The Sahara, seen above seems to be a crowd favorite - several people ordered it while we ate. This bad boy comes with jalepenos, pepperoni and sausage. The breakdown:

taste of upper crust (bones)
amount and taste of sauce
ample jalapenos

Feel of crust (a little soggy/floppy)
Cheese (not that impressive)

Overall this was a good pizza that I would for sure eat over chain pizza if I lived in the neighborhood - it hits a good spot with the sauce and spicy jalapenos. Given the Greek nature of the cafe, it would be worth the effort to try one of the more Mediterranean pizzas on the menu, but as always, we never know until it's too late. Au revoir!


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