Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adventure #14: Rounders Pizzeria

Every meal at Rounders starts with a free garlic knot. Go ahead and stare at the above picture and drool for a minute. Yes, that white stuff all over it is Parmesan cheese and garlic. Yes, after the knots were gone we used our fingers to get some more of that deliciousness out of the bowl. Now that you're hungry I present to you a Casino (large instead of extra large) pizza pie (as opposed to a no-sauce or marinated tomato base) with roasted red peppers, grilled sausage, and fresh garlic.

It's hard to pinpoint a particular strength or weakness of this pizza, so this will have to be one of those ones that gets less "reviewed" and more "experienced". So, here's a sample of internal monologue commentary, in chronological order:

"Oh, it's not cut all the way through... this is difficult."

"Whoa there toppings, where do you think you're going?"

"Mmmmm, that's a ton of cheese. They use an interesting blend. It has a little bit different textural experience, not super smooth and stretchy like a lot of places."


"At least there's plenty of sauce, even if my toppings are still sliding off the pizza."

"Wait! Is the fresh garlic underneath the cheese?! I believe it is."

I loved the atmosphere and staff here. There's classic arcade games including a sit-down Frogger table and an Indiana Jones Pinball machine set to 50 cent play (sigh). It's a great spot if you're heading to or from downtown.


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