Monday, May 24, 2010

Adventure #9: Little Deli

Little Deli, closeted away in a wonderful retro shopping center on Woodrow Avenue, off of Burnet, is apparently well known for their sandwiches. HOWEVER, they also make a 'true Jersey shore pizza' AND have 'Pizza' in their logo, meaning they were fair game as Karin's pick this week. So, is the pizza worthy of fist pumps?

We availed ourselves of The #7, consisting of pepperoni, garlic, and cherub tomatoes.
The picture here tells you a lot of what you need to know - this pizza is very authentic/homemade/rustic (the website advises that they make all dough from scratch and hand toss it,) and it has huge chunks of garlic. Both these things, in my opinion, work in the pizza's favor. Every bite had a good amount of flavor - the sauce is noticeable, but not overabundant.

I was a bit surprised by the crust - from the top, it looked to be a crispy and rigid bottom, but the grease/liquid from the ingredients and sauce weighed the middle of the slice down a bit. This made for a softer bite that gushes with flavor. I actually preferred to fold this one, which really allows the crust and sauce to work in harmony.

I feel that Karin and I had a bit of distance on our opinions of this pie. She was a fan of the cheese, I thought it was ok. I thought the pepperoni was alright, but she made a comment about it having a decent fat content (which I agree with - the 'roni was a bit crisp on the edges, but retained it's moisture and flavor.) One place we agree is that the crust really does taste homemade, and it's a big advantage to this pizza, which has enough sauce to make those last bites of crust worthwhile even without the toppings.

My favorite part of the pie - the garlic. Large portions of garlic cloves were on this pie, and they added texture and taste to the pie (and to my burps, hours later.) Garlic lovers, this is your pie. Outdoor patio lovers, this is your venue, with picnic tables in the shade and lazy scenery. Jersey-style pie fans? Pump your fists for this deli, where the tastes aren't little at all.


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