Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Denver Adventures: Brava Pizzeria Della Strada

Ian was on vacation in Colorado last week and ate some pizza. Because he was on vacation, and because this is Austin pizza adventuring, these are going to be short little postcards.

Brava Pizzeria Della Strada - Website

I found this spot because it happens to be the best reviewed spot in Denver on Yelp. Now, we all know Yelp can be a fickle mistress, she can mislead you, she's a temptress. . .
and this time she's damn right. No offense to the other spots in Denver that I may have missed, but what we have here is high-class, fresh, and affordable Neopolitan pizza in downtown Denver. They operate in front of a tower, with their trailer parked on a patio, burning up wood and pumping out 'za.

With their pedigree (just read their website), wood oven, and Yelp reviews, I had to test them as we do all contenders: with the Margherita.

The Queen - San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella fior di latte and the freshest organic basil.

See that? That's a mf'ing Margherita pizza. Those whole leaves of fresh basil, big lumps of fresh mozz, and a fine layer of tomato goodness. If I had a complaint about this pizza, I would say it could have stayed in the oven another 10 seconds, but that's about all folks. Brava would be a top 5 or 6 pizzeria in Austin, right now. Especially given the best part: they charge a reasonable price for this small lump of dough, sauce, cheese, and basil - 7 bucks. Some folks need to take notice - I'd love to pay a few bucks less for our best Neopolitan pies here in ATX.

PS: I spoke with David while I was there for a while about process, prices, and pizza. He's a very nice guy!

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