Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Denver Adventures: Lucky Pie Pizza and Taphouse

Ian was on vacation in Colorado last week and ate some pizza. Because he was on vacation, and because this is Austin pizza adventuring, these are going to be short little postcards. 

Lucky Pie Pizza and Taphouse - Website

I met up at this downtown establishment with my old friend Meagan and her man Steven. We had a good time (beeeeeeerrrr). Now let's get to the point.

Fresh Mozz - fresh mozzarella, san marzano tomato sauce, basil
Peaches for Me - bacon, peaches. . .riccotta? This was a special pie of the day, and I had so much fun drinking I forgot to write the ingredients down. 

The highs: 
- The special pie with peaches was creative and full of flavor, an inspired special.
- The beer selection is fantastic
- The outside patio is quite nice

The lows:
- I know the Fresh Mozz didn't bill itself as a Margherita, but look at the ingredients, folks. It was a Margherita, and a bad one. Those little strands of basil do nothing for me. The mozzarella wasn't superb or evenly distrubuted.
- The crust on both pies was chewy, like a sourdough crust (say at House), but wasn't as tasty.

Fresh Mozz #1

Fresh Mozz Upskirt

Peaches #1 - looks like some green onion there?

Peaches #2

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