Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adventure #35: Milto's Mediterranean Cafe

The wonderful thing about adventuring is that sometimes it transcends the pizza.  The pizza at Milto's Mediterranean Cafe (listed on Yelp and other places as Milto's Pizza Pub) was ok, but when I look back on the evening, the fun and friendship that surrounded the pizza made the experience exceptional.  I offer, as example, this picture where Ian and Girlface are completely mortified at something I've said (drunkenly) at a volume that exceeded that which was necessary to get the point across:

Milto's itself was a cozy place, with cheap wine (it's near a college campus and you can get a carafe of wine [out of a jug] for around $8), a menu full of pizza, pasta, Italian, and Greek food, and friendly staff.

But... to talk about the actual pizza, here it is...

We got the "Lone Star" on Sicilian crust (they have two types of crust, Sicilian thick crust and Neopolitan crust, though we didn't investigate precisely how "Neopolitan" their crust actually is).  The Lone Star has pepperoni, italian sausage, imported ham, onions, and extra cheese.

There was a lot of cheese and it was good cheese, rather salty, but that could have been some of the taste of the meat coming through.  Toppings weren't heavily applied and I can't fault the pizza for that, but given the thick crust, it certainly could have benefited from a touch more meat.

It's hard for me to describe the way the meat just wasn't noticeable on the pizza.  It could have been that with so much cheese and bread, the meat blended in so well.  It could have been that we'd had a little too much holiday cheer and were so hungry that the first could of pieces were eaten with little regard to savoring it.  Either way, when I actually set about to try each ingredient to take measure, they were good.  The sausage is sliced; the pepperoni is standard; and the imported ham, where it wasn't covered by cheese, crisped up to taste a lot like bacon.

The crust was very bready and less oily than I've experienced with other thick crust pizzas.  It wasn't bad, it just wasn't awesome.  I wanted more flavor from it, for it to be more than just a thicker bread on which toppings and cheese were spread.

And last, but certainly not least, I found the sauce to be delicious.  I'd like to go back and try their Neopolitan crust so that I can see how the sauce does on a more traditional pizza.


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  1. awww good post, *cheers* to great friends and great adventures.