Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adventure #33: Frank & Angie's Pizzeria

I must admit that I've been avoiding Frank & Angie's. I went there on a date once and it was a good date but the food was disappointing (not necessarily bad, just disappointing, we got the "margherita" which was of the common reinterpreted variety that is really a white pie with tomatoes), and then the boy turned out later to be both a bit of a jerk and rather disappointing, so I didn't really want to go back.

This time Frank & Angie's had some things going for it that it didn't last time: greatly superior company, an excellent band consisting of a guitar, an accordion, a bass, and some triangle guitar thing that I don't know the name of (Ian, feel free to chime in here with the name of it), and the fact that we were all famished.

We started with the bruscetta (but were too hungry to take any pictures of it before devouring it). I thought the bread was a bit too dense for my liking and Ian wished that it came in a form where he didn't have to put the herbed tomatoes on the bread himself. Taste-wise it wasn't too bad though.

Regarding the pizza, we got the Sergio Leone (and I enjoyed the Ian and Adam nerding out with their encyclopedic knowledge of film directors, he is a director right?). It comes with mozzerella, cajun spiced chicken, pesto, tomatoes, banana peppers, and pizza sauce. I'm not quite sure how the ingredients of the pizza were inspired by Sergio Leone, but we went with it anyway.

It didn't take more than a bite to discover that "cajun spiced chicken" tasted just like any other dry, unspiced chicken chunks. They didn't add anything to pizza and were easy enough to ignore.

Regarding the other toppings, they worked out pretty well. The pizza sauce and pesto combined to make a very saucy pizza. It oozed. I like this, but I can understand why someone who likes less sauce would dislike it. The banana peppers were both deliciously spicy and added a much needed bit of texture to the pizza.

The crust was the star of this pizza. It was sturdy enough to not get soggy under the weight of the pesto, sauce, and tomatoes and still maintained a bit of crunch. The out edges didn't look substantial but they were brushed with oil (or butter) and spices and were surprisingly soft inside.

Overall the pizza came together better than its parts suggest and I would love to try one of their other specialties. I would call this good pizza, but not great pizza.


PS. The tiramisu was delicious!

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