Saturday, July 20, 2013

Adventure #66: Jack Pizza Company (Redux)

We weren't meaning to head back to Jack when we headed out on this adventure. We were downtown, seeking strange new pizza at places like Hoek's Death Metal Pizza and Pizzeria Paparazzi.  Neither were open at 7:30 on a Thursday evening, and hell, I'm not sure if Pizzeria Paparazzi even exists. We found an empty storefront with no hours listed. It's the only place I've ever seen that has a question mark on its Yelp map.

We weren't going to go adventuring without getting pizza, so we went on a clarification mission to Jack. A clarification mission is an adventure meant to clear up disagreement or lingering questions about a pizzeria. Sometimes we're just trying to see if the quality has changed over time. In this case, we'd both had different experiences after our initial visit to Jack in 2010. I'd been a time or two and felt about the same as I ever did. Karin had been back and had a not-so-great pie. It was time to reconcile our opinions! [Disclaimer: these pictures are terrible due to dive bar lighting]

That's the Jack: garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil, blue cheese, bacon, fresh tomatoes, red onion. 
This was me, eating the Jack: ^_^ -- (bacon!)

In our 2010 review, we were nuts about the bacon, so it's no surprise that we chose another pie with bacon on it. I'm not sure it was even a conscious decision, come to think of it. 

The only thing Karin wasn't a fan of on this pie are these huge tomato slices. She felt they tasted a little weird on the pizza. I thought they added to the pizza, but I did have to pick one or two up off my plate and place them back on the piece, because those puppies slide around. 

As it was before, bacon is the star of this show. I don't know where they get that bacon or what they do to it, but it's awfully nice. And, three years later, we still feel that the crust here is fantastic, especially for such a large ("16) pizza. 

Clarification mission: complete. We are now back where we started with Jack. It's huge pizza with great crust and bacon wizardry. We're not sure how other pies stack up to ones with bacon on them, but you'll be doing well if you stick to the eponymous Jack.

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