Monday, July 1, 2013

Adventure #65: Pieous

Pieous delivers what it promises, a religious experience through food. From the mozzarella that is made in-house to the perfect sour-dough crust to the chocolate pecan pie that made Ian's toes literally curl up at just a single bite, this place must be tasted to be believed.

We started with a margherita pizza because any neopolitan style pizzeria should be able to do this right. Not only that, but when done more than right, it is transcendent (as this was).

Next we had the Bacon Bleu which had blue cheese, bacon marmalade, and arugula. I was skeptical about this pizza because everything on it can go very wrong when not balanced. Good thing this was perfectly balanced! The marmalade was just sweet enough to cut the moldy taste of the blue cheese and the bitter taste of the arugula. The bacon flavor added a little saltiness right where it was needed.

Last, we had a slice of chocolate pecan pie. I can't describe it other than that it gave me the tinglies in the special places I experienced so much joy in each bite. You must get out 6 miles west of the Y on 290 and try both the pizza and pie. No matter how much praise is heaped upon it, you can't possibly understand how good this place is until you try it.


  1. That is six miles west of the Y on 290, not east.

  2. @Clay. Thanks for the correction! Got that into the post now.