Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adventure to Chicago

The view from my hotel room.

Last week I went to Chicago for C2E2 and, since Chicago is home to one of the big city-named styles of pizza, I had pizza...a lot of pizza. Instead of trying to piece this together into a narrative, I'll let my pictures speak (with a little help).

Sunrise on my way into Chicago as seen from an airplane window
Giordano's, the night of the Geek Fights annual drunk episode. I don't remember much other than that I got the impression of lasagna with pepperoni and a crust on the back end.
I was briefly at the convention and this was my favorite cosplay (from the comic book Saga).
What is a vacation without friends? Jerad Formby on the left and Christie Wooke on the right.
I couldn't stop taking pictures of the art in Roger's Park

Outside of the Pegasus Players building where I was privileged to see "If You Split A Second" (I had never been to the theater before and was completely enraptured by the play, written by Dana Formby) 
The "official" pizza adventure for real Chicago style
The meat parade with delicious bacon on top and three more meats inside
Breakfast at the Bongo Room - there are fresh bananas buried in there somewhere ;)
Stopped in on the spur of the moment

Might have been delicious as a fresh pie, the upskirt shows promise
Chicago's version of Lone Star
The last adventure of the weekend, literally the last stop before the airport

This is what I'm looking for in a deep dish pizza
Ending the vacation with friends

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