Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adventure #57: Mercury Pizza

Welcome to Mercury Pizza, where the pizzas are big, the sides are a mixed bag, and the seating is scarce. Tucked off of South Lamar in a small bungalow with a large front yard, they offer pizza in one size: huge.  So how did this spot treat us?


We had the Violet Crown: mozzarella, roasted red pepper, and sweet sausage. I'm going to save you some confusion and say upfront that this pizza is good. Not average; good. I want to get that out of the way because I have some quibbles and don't want to leave you thinking I didn't like it. I thought that the sweet sausage paired with the mild sweetness of the small chunks of pepper made the pizza as a whole a little too sweet and mild. I wanted some more meaty flavor! Karin, for the record, doesn't share my quibbles. Quibble. . .great word. 

Now we both agree that the crust and cheese are very well done. The crust is crispy on the edges, firm but foldable in the middle, and invisibly flavorful throughout (you know it's there, but it doesn't bother any of the ingredients. Just silently observing.) Members of our party filled up and left some of their crusts--I ate them immediately. The crust is that good. 

Now let's talk about ancillary matters: sides and service. We got an order of garlic knots and an order of garlic cheese bread. The garlic knots are good, but weren't very warm by the time I got to them (I arrived after they'd come out). I think they'd be excellent if they were piping hot. 

The garlic cheese bread? It's just cheese, garlic butter, herbs, and cheese. Cheese. Just letting you know. You can make your own decisions.

There's only seating for two to three parties at Mercury Pizza; one inside, and one or two outside. It makes things a little complicated when you're waiting a while for a 20" pizza to bake, so plan accordingly. On the other side, the guys here are friendly and there's a Pac-Man machine. Consider this your notice as you grab some pizza here. And you should grab some pizza here. 


  1. Upon reflection, I have the same quibbles that you do though Charlie (one of our guests on this adventure) said that the slice of white pizza he took home was awesome.

    Also, the garlic knots were cold coming out to us, so no one got to try them hot.

  2. I should also note that the entire time we were there I kept watching the guys throw dough and it was badass. I would have loved to get a video of it to show everyone.