Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adventure #56: Blue Dog Pizza

In a stark contrast to last week's adventure, the food trailer court where Blue Dog Pizza sits was deserted on a Tuesday evening. We suspect that Tuesday nights during the winter are the "off season". The proprietor, who was very nice and made us feel welcome, had his book out and after browsing the menu, I sat at one of the picnic tables to wait for Ian and read my own book. The weather was cool and the lighting was perfect, so it was a wonderfully low-key start to the night.

Once Ian arrived we sat about picking out pizzas. This was a little more difficult than one would expect as they were out of several things (including breadsticks and their signature Blue Dog), but we settled on the Cerberus and the Pluto.

The Pluto came with tomato sauce, pineapple,pine nuts, goat cheese, and bacon (substituted for the canadian bacon on the menu since they were out of canadian bacon).

This pizza was awesome. I am normally not a fan of sweetness on pizza (and would have been happier with pineapple that was less sweet), but the pineapple and coconut went so well with the goat cheese and bacon that I had no complaints. In fact, we were very glad of the bacon substitution as the fatty saltiness was exactly what this pizza needed.  The crust on this one was perfect all the way through. Ian called it "a unique work of art."

The Cerberus pizza came with tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, red pepper flakes, mushrooms, and basil.

It did not even remotely conjure the feeling of a hellhound. The cheese was a little thick and the crust did not hold up in the middle. The flavors didn't mesh well and, while jotting down what was on the pizza, Ian said, "There are red pepper flakes?"

The best part of this pizza was the edges where the simple tomato sauce stood alone with the thin crispy crust. We felt so strongly that the crust and sauce on the Cerberus were good that not even the topping misstep could make us feel badly about Blue Dog.

Because there was more good things than bad, we decided that we should reserve judgement until we can make it back here again.



Have you tried Blue Dog? What did you think?

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