Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventure #42: Italo's Pizza

[Update 8/24/2013: Italo's is no more : (]

Italo's. Have you heard of it? Karin and I hadn't. Its name was whispered to me by a coworker, and in the weeks before we made it here, I heard the name whispered in the wind, in back hallways. . . or was it all in my stomach?

On the unassuming corner of 6th and Comal in East Austin, where most corners are unassuming, you'll find an unassuming building with a large back patio and a small sign. The sign advises that you've arrived at Italo's Pizza and that you can take advantage of a full bar once inside. We eschewed the bar and took advantage of the pizza.

What you see above is the Oglio y Olio: a garlic and olive oil sauce, feta cheese, green olives, and onions. This was a step in a different direction for us, because we generally stick with red sauce pies, but the flavor combination was intriguing. That promise paid off in spades. The salty goodness pops with every bite. The feta cheese is more than ample - you'll get some in every bite. The crust is doughy but firm enough on the bottom to hold up, with a unique flavor that made the bones edible even without sauce. Oh, and the garlic cheese bread (small cheesey stick pieces of crust) is probably the best we've had. Hear and heed the whisper in the back of your tummy - seek out Italo's.

- Ian

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  1. Looks like a great place to get my fill of pizza Auckland. Thanks for the detailed review!