Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adventure #38: Grand Slam Pizza

Say you're on the way to a brewery opening (Jester King, ne?) or headed out to Blanco for a winery tour. Say also that you're a pizzadventurer, much like Karin and I.

Where is the nearest pizza?! Is there pizza in Dripping Springs? Is it good?

Gentle reader, we have answered these questions for you. Please meet Grand Slam Pizza, one of what Google Maps believes are only two independent pizza places in the Dripping Springs area.

We grabbed The Heat, as seen in the middle, above. The aim is similar to a taco: mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, ground beef, onions, bell pepper, chunky tomato, and a picante sauce base. Did the Heat deliver on it's Mexican promise? Did it deliver as a pizza?

Picante sauce on a pizza doesn't work for everyone, but it had the desired effect on me= Taco 'za! The thin application of the not-too-spicy sauce was just right in proportion to the toppings. The toppings themselves were about average, but were evenly distributed and in the right ratio to each other.

The one complaint that was brought up in the discussion was the extensive use of what appeared to be garlic salt on the pizza. You can see it covering most of the pie in the pictures. I wasn't at all bothered by this, and liked that it added some flavor to an otherwise dull crust. However, this was not the majority opinion in our group of four, so be warned!

The atmosphere of the place is very hometown-ey. There are sports pennants all around, and a family-friendly game room with a handful of cheap arcade games. The service was also friendly and prompt. Last but not least, the cheese bread (cheese on crust) was pretty awesome, but I hid the mention of it down here because I neglected to take a picture. : (

- Ian

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