Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adventure #37: Mandola's Italian Market

I've realized, after having several Neopolitan style pizzas, that I've been a bit spoiled working at House; I find it hard to put aside my bias and preconceptions and just enjoy the pizza.  With that said, this pizza was definitely in the good, but not great range.

We got the "Pugliese"* which had "tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, pan roasted mushrooms & shaved
sweet red onions".  The star of this pizza was definitely the sausage.  Everything else seemed to lend its flavor to the sausage, enhancing it instead of creating distinct flavors.  The sausage was fantastic.  It had lots of spice and a wonderful texture.

As far as the crust, sauce, and cheese went, they were ok.  The crust was crisp and rather flavorless; the sauce was scarce and at least once I distinctly tasted some sugar in it; and the cheese wasn't really noticeable though I'm sure it contributed to the sausage's taste.  I know this description makes it sound terrible, which it wasn't.  It was actually pretty good in aggregate, but not so awesome when broken down into its elements.

 Mandola's itself was cute.  I would recommend it as a good first date place.  Not only do they have a nice selection of Italian food, but they have an awesome desert selection with a few cases devoted to cakes, gelato (I had the cinnamon gelato and it was heavenly), and other pastries.  It's also in a good location, right across from Flying Saucer and in the same shopping center as Kick Butt Coffee, so if you and your hypothetical date hit it off over pizza and cake, you could head across to Flying Saucer for a few beers (you're dating someone who likes beer, right?).


*Remind me sometime to rant about having to awkwardly order pizzas with names I can't pronounce.

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  1. Not sure where you are from , but I am from NY and Philly , that said few would argue the standard in this country is set for NY style pizza and authentic neopolitan style pizza in these areas as the Italian population is substantial to say the least. I frequented Mandola's and often order the pizza you sampled . I don't know that "good" would capture this pizza , I order it with roasted garlic as well. I eat at dough Pizza and other designer pizza places , I haven't sampled a pizza I would say is much better. This is coming from a person who has a restaurant , 900 degree brick oven , we make old world style bread , ny and neopolitan style pizzas which are highly sought here.