Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adventure #23: EZ's

I was excited to go to EZ's because they have a wood-fired oven for cooking pizza in. Perhaps it's that I'm currently learning to work the woodfired oven at work or that it seems that, if a place is keeping a fire going specifically for the purpose of cooking pizza, they must be excited about their pizza. The latter is probably not true.

They only offer two sizes of pizza, 7 inch and 11 inch (slightly smaller than the typical medium pizza) and since we had guests (and there was a handy special) we decided to get two 7 inch pizzas, a pepperoni and a margherita pizza (they're loose interpretation [an unfortunately rather common interpretation] of which is a white pizza with sliced tomatoes and basil on it).

Both pizzas were underdone and doughy. The crust was fluffy and not unpleasant had it been cooked longer. ^This^ is not an acceptable upskirt for a wood oven cooked pizza! Look at the top pizza, the "margherita". It's not even golden brown! Most of the crust is still white.

The rest of it reminded me a lot of the pizza Lunchables I used to take to grade school. It seemed like a bready, kid friendly crust, pepperoni that was not even a little crisp, cheese that was decent but not good, and unremarkable sauce.

I am truly curious if the pizza would be any better if I ordered it well done.

Conclusion: EZ's is as kid-friendly as it advertises and there is a variety of food, so maybe if I were to go there again and find out that their burgers weren't that awesome and then be forced to go there again and I asked for my pizza well done, this would be a more than edible pizza option. I just wouldn't pick it as a place to go for pizza.


P.S. The kid's menu has "Kid's Brick Oven Pizza". I have no idea what that could possibly be and the menu gives no further hints.

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  1. Ugh, don't go back. There are so many good restaurants in Austin and EZ's just isn't one of them.