Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adventure #29: Rudino's Pizza and Grinders

Two pieces of business up front before we get to the pizza:

First, I accidentally picked a chain restaurant. I hadn't actually looked at the website ahead of time and, having never seen a Rudino's before (they're a family chain in NC plus licensees in NC and other places), I just went with it. Trying to get their menu online to give you the exact contents of the pizza, I discovered that I had breached the rules with this pick.

Second, I'll admit up front my bias against this place: It's too close to Saccone's for me to ever go here. If I'm in the neighborhood, I know where I'm going. There are a couple of things that they have going for them which are a good selection of beer and friendly staff, both things that Saccone's lacks.

Now on to the pizza:

It was ok. The crust was definitely too underdone/floppy for our tastes. The cheese and other toppings were pretty forgettable and blended into a mass of greasy, meaty, pizza-stuff on top of the crust. We got the Meat Monster specialty, which comes with pepperoni, sausage, ham, and meatballs. We skipped the ham and added black olives.

There's just not too much to say about this. We ate it. We didn't regret eating it, but I probably won't be coming back here for pizza.


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